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Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is a much-anticipated device. According to the news, it will be released in Late January 2024. The South Korean company is putting all its efforts into ensuring this device gets a warm welcome from the audience. 

If we look at the Samsung s24 about benchmark, the stats are not disappointing. In terms of overall performance, Samsung is scoring 2,2333 points in the single-core test and 6,6661 points in the multi-core test.

What Is The Antutu Score?

Samsung users worldwide are tech-savvy enough to know about its technical side including the factors affecting its performance. While the new users may not have adequate knowledge about the Antutu score.

Antutu is a tool for benchmarking the smartphone’s performance. A Chinese company named Cheetah Mobiles owns this software. People across the world use Antutu to check their phone’s potential.

Samsung S24 Antutu Benchmark

We all know Samsung is a tech giant having millions of fans across the world. The company makes sure that the devices it produces will attract customers. When it is time to launch the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, this tech giant is very conscious.

Users are already searching about its spec’s performance and Antutu score.  Here we are going to explain the Samsung Galaxy S24 ultra 5g Antutu benchmark score.

Antutu of Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Global · 8GB · 256GB · SM-S918B is
1.521.862 • Antutu v10.

In addition, the Galaxy S24 Ultra features a 4,755 MAH Battery bearing the EB-BS926ABY identifier.  While the ultra-version packs a more substantial 4,855 MAH rotated Battery. So far the score looks satisfying for Samsung users.

As mentioned above, all Samsung fans need to be made aware of the Antutu score. Below we will explain:

Why Do We Check Antutu Benchmark Score

If you are a new Samsung user lacking technical knowledge. You should know that the Antutu benchmark is an app pushing your Samsung phone to the limits by testing its CPU with intensive tasks. The purpose is to analyze the capabilities of your smartphone.

For instance, we have explained about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S24 ultra 5g Antutu score. It is satisfying for the individual looking to spend his hard-earned money on a new device. Using the Antutu benchmark score gives you an idea about the phone’s overall performance.

However, some manufacturers are applying specific codes in their smartphones to douche the test. Therefore, seek help from a tech expert to check your phone’s benchmark score for a better idea.

What Does Samsung S24 Antutu Benchmark Score Measure?

Antutu is a well-known benchmark application to check the Android phone’s overall performance. It performs tests of your smartphone parts and gives a score after the testing. Users can easily seek help from this software to check their device’s capability.

Knowing how much Antutu is helpful will make you think about how to download this application on your phone. Let’s delve into the details to know further.

How To Download/Install Antutu On Android 

As of this writing, you may not find Antutu on Google Play. However, one can easily install it from the Antutu official website. In order to make the most of this software, you should install the 3D application as well. A user can select 3D and 3D lite according to his phone’s features and specifications.

In case you are using an older phone, please go for the Antutu Lite app for a better result. New phone users can go for the Antutu and enjoy all the exciting features. Antutu has no download or installation charges, everything is free for the users.

Samsung S24 Ultra Antutu Test

So you have downloaded the application, and now you will perform the test on your Samsung smartphone. Like any other Android smartphone, Antutu assigns a final score to your device along with individual scores. While these scores don’t have a huge importance, they just help you get an idea about your phone’s abilities.

However, they analyze every single aspect of your smartphone and deliver accurate results. Antutu benchmark is a great tool, it assists the user in comparing his mobile storage performance with another phone. 

CPU Score

The CPU score measures how fast your phone processes commands. Your device’s central processing unit (CPU) is the powerhouse behind tasks like mathematical operations, common algorithms, and multi-core functions. A quicker CPU translates to faster app performance, making everything on your device feel smoother. While there’s a point where CPU speed won’t impact performance significantly, a faster CPU can still make a difference when handling resource-intensive applications like high-end games.

GPU Score

The GPU score evaluates how well your phone handles 2D and 3D graphics. The graphics processing unit (GPU) in your device is responsible for accelerating graphical components such as OpenGL and Vulkan. 

When you play games or experience interface animations, the GPU springs into action, ensuring crisp 3D visuals and smooth 2D graphics. While the CPU can handle these tasks, the GPU is purpose-built for graphics operations, ensuring better performance and efficiency.

MEM Score

MEM score assesses your phone’s memory capabilities. It encompasses RAM access, ROM app input/output, ROM sequential read and write, and ROM random access. In simple terms, it gauges how fast and how much memory your phone possesses. RAM (random-access memory) serves as your device’s working memory, 

while ROM (read-only memory) stores permanent data like firmware. Faster data reading and writing from RAM enhance your device’s performance, as RAM is in constant use for various tasks.

UX Score

UX score provides an overall assessment of your device’s real-world user experience. It considers factors like data security, data processing, image processing, user experience, and video compatibility tests. 

It offers a quick glimpse into how well your device will perform in everyday usage, without delving into specific benchmark details. When evaluating a phone, the UX score is your best indicator of how enjoyable and efficient the device will be in your hands.


The anticipation for the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is building, and one of the key aspects that users are eager to learn about is its Antutu benchmark score. Antutu is a valuable tool for assessing a smartphone’s performance, and it provides insights into various aspects of the device, including CPU speed, GPU performance, memory capabilities, and overall user experience. 

The reported benchmark score for the Samsung S24 Ultra is promising, suggesting that this device will deliver excellent performance for those looking to invest in a new smartphone.


What is the Antutu Score? 

Antutu Score is a benchmarking tool used to evaluate a smartphone’s performance. It tests various aspects of the device, such as CPU speed, GPU performance, memory capabilities, and overall user experience, and assigns a score based on these tests.

Why should I check the Antutu benchmark score of my smartphone? 

Checking the Antutu benchmark score of your smartphone provides you with valuable insights into its capabilities. It helps you understand how fast your phone processes commands (CPU), handles graphics (GPU), manages memory (MEM), and provides an overall user experience (UX).

How can I download and install Antutu on my Android device? 

You can download Antutu from the official website if it’s not available on the Google Play Store. There are different versions available, including 3D and 3D Lite, depending on your device’s specifications. It’s a free application with no download or installation charges.

What do the CPU, GPU, MEM, and UX scores in Antutu measure?

CPU Score: Measures how fast your phone processes commands.
GPU Score: Evaluate how well your phone handles 2D and 3D graphics.
MEM Score: Assesses your phone’s memory capabilities, including RAM and ROM performance.
UX Score: Provides an overall assessment of your device’s real-world user experience, considering various factors like data processing, image processing, and video compatibility.


Author Disclaimer

Myself Eli, I am a professional content writer specializing in Samsung mobile devices, particularly the S24 Ultra. My writings are based on my personal testing and experiences with these devices. While I strive to provide accurate and reliable information, readers should be aware that technology can evolve, and my opinions and assessments may change over time. Please use the information in my blogs as a reference, but always make your own informed decisions when it comes to purchasing and using Samsung mobile products.

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