How to Find Your Lost S Pen On Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra? Step By Step Guide

Find Your Lost S Pen On Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Losing the S Pen for your Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra can be a frustrating experience. As an S Pen enthusiast myself, I understand the importance of finding it quickly. In this guide, I’ll share some effective methods to locate your misplaced S Pen and ensure you can continue enjoying the full functionality of your device.

Why Finding Your S Pen Matters

Losing your S Pen not only disrupts your workflow but also impacts the overall user experience of your Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. The S Pen is a versatile tool that enhances productivity and creativity, and regaining it promptly is crucial.

Utilizing SmartThings for Seamless Connectivity

One of the most convenient ways to locate your lost S Pen is by leveraging the power of SmartThings, Samsung’s smart home platform.

Step 1: Ensure SmartThings is Set Up

Before you begin, make sure you have SmartThings set up on your Galaxy device. If not, you can download the SmartThings app from the Galaxy Store.

Step 2: Open SmartThings and Select Your Galaxy Device

Navigate to the SmartThings app and select your Galaxy S24 Ultra from the list of connected devices.

Step 3: Locate the S Pen Pro

Within the SmartThings app, you’ll find a ‘Find My S Pen Pro’ option. Tap on it, and SmartThings will initiate the process of locating your lost S Pen.

Step 4: Follow the Signal

SmartThings will provide real-time feedback, guiding you to the location of your S Pen. Pay attention to the signal strength, and as you get closer, the signal will become stronger.

Scan for S Pen

Pro Tips for Effective S Pen Retrieval

To ensure a successful search for your S Pen, consider the following tips:

  • Search Common Areas First: Start by checking common places where you often use your S Pen, such as your desk, bedside table, or living room.
  • Use Auditory Cues: The S Pen Pro has a built-in speaker. If you’re having trouble visually locating it, you can trigger a sound using the SmartThings app.
  • Check SmartThings History: SmartThings keeps a history log of device interactions. Reviewing this log might provide clues about the last known location of your S Pen.


Losing your S Pen is a common occurrence, but with the right tools and methods, you can minimize the hassle and quickly reunite with your beloved accessory. By integrating SmartThings into your search strategy and following the tips shared in this guide, you’ll increase your chances of a successful S Pen retrieval. Remember, a proactive approach to locating your lost S Pen ensures uninterrupted productivity and creativity with your Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.


Can I use SmartThings to find any S Pen model?

Yes, SmartThings is designed to locate various S Pen models, including the S Pen Pro for the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.

What if my S Pen is out of battery?

SmartThings can still attempt to locate your S Pen even if the battery is low, but the success rate may vary. It’s advisable to keep your S Pen charged for optimal performance.

Are there alternative methods for finding the S Pen?

While SmartThings is a robust solution, you can also explore built-in features like ‘Find My Device’ on your Galaxy device or use Bluetooth tracking devices for added assurance.


Author Disclaimer

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