How To Carrier Unlock Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Free? – Complete Guide

How To Carrier Unlock Samsung S24 Ultra Free

Craving the freedom to switch carriers on your new Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra? You’re not alone. Carrier locks can feel restricting, limiting your options and potentially inflating your phone bill. Fear not, fellow smartphone enthusiast, for unlocking your S24 Ultra is not only possible but easier than ever, and yes, even free! In this article, I’ll share my experience and guide you through three ways to liberate your S24 Ultra.

My Experience With Carrier Unlocking Samsung S24 Ultra

Unlocking your phone may sound daunting, but the process is surprisingly straightforward. Before we delve into the methods, let me share a quick disclaimer: unlocking your phone might violate your carrier’s contract, so be sure to check the fine print before proceeding. Also, keep in mind that some methods may not work with all carriers or regions, so thorough research is crucial.

Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of unlocking your Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra for free.

The Official Channel: Carrier Unlock Code

In my experience, most carriers are legally obligated to unlock your phone under specific conditions. This typically involves completing your contract or fully paying off your device. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Contact your carrier’s customer service.
  • Politely inquire about their unlocking policy.
  • Provide your phone’s IMEI number (located in Settings > About Phone > Status).
  • Check your eligibility.
  • If approved, your carrier will provide a unique unlock code.

To enter the code

  • Go to Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile Network > Advanced > Network Unlock.
  • Enter the code.
  • Voila! Your S24 Ultra is now free to roam on any network.
  • Samsung’s Find My Mobile Service:

Samsung offers a built-in unlocking tool called Find My Mobile

  • Head to the Find My Mobile website.
  • Log in with your Samsung account.
  • Select your S24 Ultra.
  • If eligible, click the “Unlock” button.
  • Confirm the action and wait for Samsung’s magic to work.

Remember, this method may not be available for all regions or carriers, so check your options beforehand.

The DIY Approach: Third-Party Unlocking Websites

In my exploration, I found a DIY approach using third-party unlocking websites. Exercise caution here, as some sites may be shady. Here’s what you should do:

  • Research and choose a reputable service with good reviews.
  • Be prepared to provide your phone’s IMEI number.
  • Pay a small fee (usually less than through your carrier).
  • Follow the provided instructions for the unlock code or software.

Keep in mind that this method might violate your carrier’s contract and could void your warranty, so proceed with caution.

Bonus Tip: Before unlocking, back up your phone’s data, as the process might reset it to factory settings.


Unlocking your Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra can be a liberating experience, giving you the flexibility to choose your carrier freely. While these methods are generally effective, always be aware of the potential risks and consequences. My journey to carrier unlocking was successful, and I hope this guide helps you achieve the same freedom with your S24 Ultra.


Can I unlock my Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra for free without violating my carrier’s contract?

Yes, by meeting certain conditions, carriers are legally obligated to provide a free unlock code for your S24 Ultra.

Is using third-party unlocking websites a safe option for my phone?

It can be, but tread carefully—choose reputable services with positive reviews to minimize potential risks.

Will unlocking my S24 Ultra through Samsung’s Find My Mobile void my warranty?

Generally, using Samsung’s official tool won’t void your warranty, but it’s essential to check your carrier’s policy.

How do I find my S24 Ultra’s IMEI number for the unlocking process?

Locate your IMEI in Settings > About Phone > Status or by dialing #06# on your phone.

Can I unlock my S24 Ultra if I’m still under contract with my carrier?

It depends on your carrier’s policies; some may unlock your phone if you’ve fulfilled specific contract conditions or paid off your device.


Author Disclaimer

Myself Eli, I am a professional content writer specializing in Samsung mobile devices, particularly the S24 Ultra. My writings are based on my personal testing and experiences with these devices. While I strive to provide accurate and reliable information, readers should be aware that technology can evolve, and my opinions and assessments may change over time. Please use the information in my blogs as a reference, but always make your own informed decisions when it comes to purchasing and using Samsung mobile products.

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