The Latest Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Leak Might Be Too Good To Be True

Samsung S24 Ultra

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra has recently been under the tech spotlight, with rumors swirling around its camera capabilities. Recent leaks are disappointing for tech enthusiasts, hinting at a downgrade from the 10x optical zoom.

However, the digital realm of zooming holds some promise, as whispers suggest that the 100x digital zoom hallmark of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra might still remain there in the new model.

The Leak Trail

The source of this claim traces back to a leaker, @RGcloudS, whose revelations were showcased via Phone Arena. According to them, the Galaxy S24 Ultra will still boast a 100x digital zoom despite the optical zoom setback. The leaker also revealed figures regarding the camera specs.

As per the leaks, a whopping 200MP primary camera, along with a 12MP ultra-wide lens, a 10MP telephoto lens with 3x optical zoom, and a 48MP telephoto lens with 5x optical zoom will be there. However, it is to be noticed that RGcloudS news has proved to be wrong at various times.

A Whisper of Discord

These figures align well with the rumble in the tech world, with a slight discord on the 48MP telephoto lens. Some sources pointed towards a 50MP 5x zoom camera instead. Another leaker, @UniverseIce, chimed in to voice their disagreements, especially concerning the sensor sizes.

The discord doesn’t stop here. @UniverseIce, in a series of posts, highlighted several inaccuracies in the previous leaks from @RGcloudS concerning phones that have already seen the light of day. This also casts a shadow of doubt on the accuracy of the current leaks.

Zooming Into The 100x Digital Zoom Feature

The new Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra keeps the 100x digital zoom feature, people are wondering how useful it will be. Its predecessor, Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, didn’t quite hit the mark in terms of the quality of its 100x digital zoom. In addition, with the optical zoom starting point being slashed by half in the new model, the digital zoom quality might plummet further.

Whether Samsung would want to retain the 100x digital zoom if the quality isn’t up to snuff is a point of contention. It might become a flashy figure on the box rather than a useful photography tool.

Screen Brightness Upgrade

On a brighter note, some leaks bring hope for screen aficionados. A leaker by the handle @Tech_Reve spilled the beans on a significant screen brightness upgrade across all three models of the Samsung Galaxy S24 – the standard, the Plus, and the Ultra.

As per their information, the trio is slated to have a max screen brightness of 2,500 nits, a substantial leap from the 1,750 nits in the previous Samsung Galaxy S23 models. This isn’t just a lone-wolf claim, as multiple sources have echoed this upgrade, adding a layer of credibility to the leak.

Transition to Power-Efficient M13 Panels

Furthermore, the leak mentions a shift to a new M13 panel, known for its power efficiency across all three models. Although the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra was previously rumored to feature the M13 panel, it was unclear if the other models would follow suit. Now, the entire Samsung Galaxy S24 line might enjoy this tech advancement.

Conclusion: A Mixed Bag of Promises

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is a mixed bag of exciting upgrades and potential downgrades. While the screen brightness and efficiency are poised to improve, the camera’s optical zoom capability might take a hit.

Given the reduced optical zoom base, the 100x digital zoom could be more of a marketing gimmick than a functional feature. Tech enthusiasts and Samsung fans might have to weigh their priorities when deciding between the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and its predecessor.


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