Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Could Get A Feature Titanium Treatment

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Titanium Treatment

Samsung s24 Ultra has become infamous since it is yet to launch. However, the market is on fire because of the leaked specs and updates. A report from The Elec claims about the physical appearance of this high-end device. 

Samsung s24 ultra will get a titanium frame similar to the Recently Launched iPhone 15 pro max. As per the experts, this news is confirmed as Samsung is in the mood to follow its competitor. It should be kept in mind Apple has reduced its weight by 10% even after using a titanium body, however, Samsung may struggle in the process.

Market speculations claim that Samsung and Apple using Titanium bodies may set a trend for other smartphone manufacturers. Samsung s24 details are starting to get realistic after various tweets from tech-savvy individuals. 

Revengus Claim About Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Body

the rumor was corroborated by renowned leaker Revegnus, but he stated all three devices in the Galaxy S24 series are getting the titanium treatment.  

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Have Titanium Treatment


Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra’s adoption of a titanium frame, following in the footsteps of the iPhone 15 Pro Max, has generated significant interest in the market. The move may set a trend for other smartphone manufacturers, but it also presents a weight reduction challenge for Samsung. 

With support from renowned leaker Revegnus, the excitement surrounding the Galaxy S24 series and its titanium treatment continues to grow, making it a highly anticipated release.


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