Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra To Have A Long Strip Speaker Grille, Instead Of Speaker Grille Holes

S24 Ultra Long Strip Speaker Grille

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is going to launch in February 2024. However, the speculations about this high-end device are already in the market. The leaksters reveal lots of details about Samsung including its design display and performance.

Now a new update has arrived indicating a significant change in the speaker design.  You may wonder what kind of change it will be.

We are about to find out.

Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Ultra Long Strip Speaker Grille

We have seen the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra having speaker grille holes to the right side. However, we are going to witness a slight difference in the upcoming smartphone. According to the rumors, the Samsung S24 Ultra will feature a long strip opening for the speaker unit.

So far we don’t have any information regarding why there is a major change in speaker design. However, the experts indicate, a long-strip speaker design will result in better sound quality.

Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Ultra Long Strip Speaker Grille

Unveiling The AI Enchantment: Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Rumors

Since Artificial intelligence is influencing every business sector, it has also brought changes in the smartphone industry. We are getting rumors that the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will be the next pocket AI Machine.

Samsung engineers have been observing the Google Pixel 8 design and features, and they have planned to do the same with their devices. Samsung has some exciting ambitions for its upcoming Galaxy S24 series, although they have yet to share many details about their plans.

 We know that these new phones will include features inspired by technologies like ChatGPT and Google Bard. For instance, you can create content and stories simply by providing a few keywords.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Unique Features

Samsung is also working on its unique features, such as a text-to-image Generative AI, which was introduced when they announced the Exynos 2400. The great news is that many of these features will work online and offline, making your smartphone even more versatile.

One area that’s getting an upgrade is speech-to-text functionality. While the specifics of these improvements aren’t precise yet, we can anticipate Bixby, Samsung’s virtual assistant, engaging in more human-like and intelligent conversations with you. It’s an exciting step toward a more user-friendly and intuitive smartphone experience.

Will AI Technology Be Able to make the phones interesting?

Samsung is not giving up on Bixby; in fact, they seem poised to focus more on Bixby in the years to come. This move aligns with the growing trend of using artificial intelligence to make smartphones more exciting. Currently, Google is the primary player in this field, but Samsung aims to join the action.

With the upcoming Galaxy S24 series, Samsung plans to make AI tasks faster and more efficient compared to Google’s Pixel smartphones. They will achieve this with the help of more powerful Exynos and Snapdragon chips.

While we can’t provide exact speed figures without seeing the phones in action, we hope that Samsung keeps the Galaxy S24’s AI capabilities a surprise until the official launch, rather than letting rumors reveal everything beforehand.


Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is expected to significantly change speaker design and leverage AI technology to provide users with more advanced features and a unique smartphone experience. These details are based on rumors and leaks, so the official unveiling of the device in February 2024 will provide the most accurate information.


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