A Fourth Galaxy S24 Battery Supplier Has Entered The Arena

S24 Ultra battery supplier

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is all set to hit the market, there are various rumors about its software, hardware, etc. Before its release, speculation was all around the market claiming to have a fourth Samsung Galaxy S24 battery supplier entering the town.

Allowing a fourth battery supplier is an unusual situation.  In September, there were only three suppliers for the Samsung s24+ battery. These include 

  • Samsung SDI Vietnam
  • China’s Ningde Amperex Technology Limited,
  • ELENTEC India.

According to the South Korean company, Samsung S24 Ultra will have 4 battery suppliers.

A Fourth Galaxy S24 Battery Supplier Has Entered The Arena

Who Is The Fourth Galaxy S24 Battery Supplier

Manufacturer Information

Samsung is a tech giant having a massive fan base worldwide. They are more curious after this news and wonder who is the fourth one. The name is Navitsays India; this firm is supplying batteries for Galaxy S24 ultra.  Although Samsung has got its battery supplier for the upcoming S24 Ultra.

However, the sources claim, that Samsung is coordinating with two Indian battery-supplying companies. Therefore, confirmation about the fourth battery supplier is yet to be released from the South Korean company. 

Does Samsung Need 4 Battery Suppliers? 

A company like Samsung doesn’t seem to have a shortage of battery suppliers around the world. Moreover, it is trying to create sustainable batteries to ensure zero environmental impact. Samsung is a company that keeps educating customers about its maintenance.

According to the news Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will be launched in a global event.  Confirmations about the event venue are yet not available. Some tech experts claim Samsung will hold its s24 ultra launch event in San Francisco.

What About the S24 Ultra Batteries 

The S24 and S24+ smartphones are going to have batteries with specific model numbers, EB-BS922ABY and EB-BS926ABY, respectively. It’s unclear if these batteries will be provided by Navitasys India for just the S24 Ultra or for all three phones in the series.

Additionally, there’s uncertainty about whether Samsung’s Indian battery suppliers will only serve the S24 models assembled in their massive mobile phone factory, which is currently the world’s largest. It’s unknown if these batteries will also be used in phones made in other countries.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 series is rumored to be officially revealed in January 2024. As we move closer to that date, more information should become available. So, stay tuned for updates in the upcoming weeks.

Is There a Design Change In The Samsung S24 Ultra?

Samsung is considering reintroducing a design feature from their earlier Galaxy S9 and S9+ in their upcoming Galaxy S24 Ultra smartphone. This change involves altering the design of the speaker grille at the bottom of the phone. 

It’s a minor tweak that won’t have any significant impact on how the phone’s speakers perform. While some users might have mixed feelings about this new design, it’s worth noting that most people don’t pay a lot of attention to the bottom of their phones. So, even if it seems a bit unusual at first, it’s unlikely to be a major concern in the long run.

Of course, we can’t draw any conclusions until we actually see the phone, and we don’t know if the regular Galaxy S24 and S24+ models will feature this change. Fortunately, we won’t have to for all the answers, as Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+, and Galaxy S24 Ultra in January.

Final Thoughts 

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra’s introduction of a fourth battery supplier, Navitsays India, is an unusual move for the tech giant. While it remains unclear if this change will affect the entire S24 series, the phone is expected to be officially unveiled in January 2024. 

A minor design tweak involving the speaker grille may have a minor impact on user experience. As the release date approaches, more details are expected to emerge, providing a clearer picture of what consumers can anticipate.


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